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Bashar’s Middle Eastern and American Cuisine

“Give it a chance, it’s not just Middle Eastern cuisine”, Bashar Almhiemid – Owner Bashar’s Middle Eastern & American Food.

About a year ago Bashar’s joined the Flat Rock family of restaurants lining the Telegraph corridor and has recently added a liquor license so be sure to put Bashar’s on your list.

Bring the whole gang and you’ll leave impressed with the service and family friendly wait staff. This is one of the cleanest places you’ll ever eat in. Bashar’s truly takes pride in his guests being able to walk into a spotless restaurant. Guaranteed it’s the best in the area.

The facility boasts an impressive sized dining room adorned in bright to moderate neutral contemporary colors and has an extensive amount of wall art to jazz the place up.  Think about it as a venue for your wedding shower or other event. Seating is ample.

In the Mood for a cold Beer?

How about grabbing a girls (or guys night) out? Bashar’s has a complete Wine list and noteworthy selection of beers that should please just about anyone.

An obvious hurdle for any new business is just trying to get people to know it’s there. The main problem is people just seem to drive by one of the best spots to grab a burger in town. You won’t miss it now. There are outdoor flags announcing a big sign that says Bashar’s on it right next door to a popular taco fast food restaurant. In fact, for about the same price as a combo meal over there you can ask Bashar to hand craft you a delicious chicken sandwich.

Loves: small communities feel, close-knit for an intimate gathering or get together with friends or a Saturday morning breakfast with guys. All the hungry times are covered – CHECK PLEASE!


Bashar’s Middle Eastern and American Food

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27103 Telegraph Road, Flat Rock, MI 48134

 (734) 782-0860 ‎
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