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History of the Wyandotte Indians Downriver, up to 1800.

Many people know that Native Americans once lived in the Flat Rock and Brownstown area. But that is where the knowledge usually ends. Follow this mini-series to learn more about our area’s Native American history. The Native Americans that lived in downriver area where known as the Wyandots. The first known contact of the Wyandots… Read More


Explore Flat Rock’s history from your living room

Ever wanted to see Flat Rock’s historic Smith Hotel but never have had the chance? Now you can explore the Smith Hotel from your living room. A new 20 minute Youtube video features pictures of the bedrooms, office, dining room, and more. If you would like to visit the hotel, it is open every 2nd… Read More

Flat Rock, MI - Flat Rock Historical Museum

Flat Rock Historical Museum

Flat Rock is rich with history. From the Wyandot Indians to Henry Ford himself, Flat Rock has been an important part of Downriver and Southeast Michigan history. The Flat Rock Historical Society, founded in 1975, has done a masterful job of capturing and preserving not only the historical record, but the physical presence as well… Read More

Flat Rock, MI - Flat Rock Train Museum

Flat Rock Train Museum

The railroad has played a significant role in the history of Flat Rock, MI. The Flat Rock Depot and Museum, or better known as the "Flat Rock Train Museum," sits on the banks of the Huron River. A treat for any train enthusiast this little museum is full of memories of the railroad past and… Read More

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