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The first Euro-American settlers in Flat Rock were Michael Vreeland and his five grown sons between 1811 and 1820. Michael had been captured by British Rangers during the Revolutionary War and released after American independence. The family purchased 800 acres (3.2 km2). The town was called the Village of Vreeland until 1838 when the Vreeland family sold off the majority of the land and relinquished control of the area. The Vreeland families built the first grain and lumber mill, having brought the grinding stones from New York. Descendants of Michael Vreeland still live in the town and attend Flat Rock public schools, being the seventh generation to reside in the town their family founded.

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Flat Rock Historical Society’s Antique and Flee Market This Saturday

The 2016 Spring Historical Society flea market is here. The flea market will be held at the Flat Rock Speedway this Sunday, May 1st, from 7AM to 4PM. Make to sure arrive early for this huge flea market. Parking is free, but arriving early may means getting the closest or NOT searching for a long […] Read More

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